Stormwater Retention Pond Retrofit – Virginia

Retention Pond Retrofit Virginia, 2008

Two PhosphoReduc Filters laid out in series were installed in January 2008 in Loudon county, Virginia as a retrofit to existing retention pond with the aim to reduce Phosphorus from combined agricultural, industrial and urban stormwater runoff.

Golf course runoff treatment, Columbus, OH

  • System was implemented in collaboration with the USDA OH in May 2011 to treat mixed urban and agricultural stormwater runoff treatment at a golf course in Columbus, OH.
  • Average Total Phosphorus (TP) concentration was 0.4 mg/L, dissolved phosphorus (DP) 1.2 mg/L and total suspended solids (TSS) 22.4 mg/L.
  • Over 4 months of investigation (12 storm events) PhosphoReduc system achieved average reductions of 80.3% (TP), 85% (DP) and 74% (TSS).