Onsite Residential Wastewater Treatment

To date, several PhosphoReduc systems have been successfully installed in the USA (North Carolina, 2013; New York, 2015; Michigan, 2015 & 2016) and Europe (Ireland, 2014; Turkey 2016) to provide Phosphorus removal post treatment for a variety of nitrogen removal products (e.g. EazyTreatAdvantex, FAST®).

One of the distinct advantages of PhosphoReduc system is in the fact that it has excellent Phosphorus and pathogens removal efficiency regardless from whether it is installed directly after septic tank (in cases where N removal is not required) or after N removal system. Moreover, PhosphoReduc system provides efficient  Phosphorus reduction for ANY Nitrogen removal product.

PhosphoReduc Systems Implementations USA & Europe

                  PhosphoReduc  Systems implementations in Ireland (A), North Carolina (B) and Michigan (C).