PhosphoReduc Filtration Media

  • Dr. Drizo is one of the four world pioneers who established the research on the use of various iron, aluminum and calcium based materials (both natural and industrial by-products) for phosphorus removal from wastewaters in early 1990s [1-2].
  • PhosphoReduc Filtration Media are modified natural materials that have the following characteristics:

1) The highest Phosphorus retention capacity for required  physico-chemical properties;

2) Higher Phosphorus retention capacity compared to other materials used in commercial products.

3) Ability for Phosphorus rejuvenation when exposed to alternate water levels (flooding and dry cycles).                                                                                                

4) Add on value as a phosphorus rich soil amendment that can be used instead of chemical fertilizers.



[1] Drizo, A., Frost, A.C., Smith, K.A and Grace, J. (1999). Physico-chemical screening of phosphate-removing substrates for use in constructed wetland systems. Water Research 33 (17):3595-3602.

[2] Drizo, A., Frost, A.C., Smith, K.A and Grace, J. (1997). The use of constructed wetlands in phosphate and ammonium removal from wastewater. Water Science and Technology 35 (5): 95-102.