Onsite Residential Wastewater P Harvesting and Removal

WSSI developed a simple, phosphorus harvesting and removal PhosphoReducTM  systems for households and commercial applications. It can be easily retrofitted to existing septic tanks and to ANY  Nitrogen removal product to provide highly efficient Phosphorus and pathogens reduction.

To date, several PhosphoReduc systems have been successfully installed in the USA (North Carolina, 2013; New York, 2015; Michigan, 2015 & 2016) and Europe (Ireland, 2014, Turkey, 2016) to provide Phosphorus removal post treatment for a variety of nitrogen removal products including but not limited to EazyTreatAdvantex, FAST®, SludgeHammer®).

Phosphorus retention by soils is FINITE PROCESS, e.g. soils can not adsorb P indefinitely. Thus,

Leachate fields and soil adsorption systems have a limited life span. Therefore, leachate field and soil adsorption systems soils loose their ability to retain phosphorus over time.  The longer septic system has been in ground the greater is the risk it imposes to environment through phosphorus runoff from leachate fields. As much as 13.7 lbs (6.2 kg) phosphorus (P) load can be discharged from individual homes annually.

On average 25 – 55% of rural and suburban population (307.8 – 677 million people) in the North America, Europe and Australia relays on onsite septic systems (OSS) for their household wastewater treatment.