• July 2007: PhosphoReduc LLC  has been co-founded by Dr Aleksandra Drizo (CEO) and Mr Hugo Picard (COO) .
  • May 2008:  Investment from the University of Vermont Technology Transfer Office Innovations Fund (2008) enabled company registration, business plan development, initial prototypes testing in Vermont and two patent applications.
  • July 2008-July 2010, Technology Validation and Technology transfer from VT to Chesapeake Bay: As the University of Vermont Research Professor, Dr Drizo raised funding from various US governmental Water Quality Programs and industry which enabled financing the implementation, testing and validation of nearly 20 different pilot and demonstration and several full scale PhosphoReduc systems (prototypes) for various wastewater effluents across Vermont. In addition, Dr Drizo started technology transfer to Chesapeake Bay.
  • July 2010 June 2012,  Technology Certifications in the US, and abroad:

        Individual State Approvals for:     

             1. Agricultural Effluents and Runoff Treatment

            2. Phosphorus removal from septic  systems (onsite residential systems)

        International Permits for:

           3. Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants Phosphorus Removal

  • January 2012 to date: Technology Transfer to Brazil, Pennsylvania, Ohio and North Carolina
  • October 2015: Expanded to UK and established a new company located in Edinburgh, UK  Water and Soils Solutions International Ltd. Closed PhosphoReduc USA.