Management Team

Aleksandra Drizo, Chief Executive Officer

Professor Aleksandra Drizo has 20+ years of research and expertise in sustainable and creative solutions for water pollution prevention and control. She has worked in Europe, Canada, New Zealand, US, Taiwan and Brazil.  During the 1990s, Professor Drizo pioneered research on the use of various iron, aluminum and calcium based materials (both natural and industrial by-products) for phosphorus removal from wastewaters. She holds her Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Edinburgh, UK (1998), and has been recognized as a leading researcher in the domain of innovative environmental technologies for phosphorus (and other contaminants)  removal from wastewaters.

Professor Drizo is known on conference platforms speaking on global environmental challenges including strategies and solutions for water resources management, emerging technologies to improve water quality and water/energy/food nexus. She is currently a Professor in Water Technology at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, UK. She was a visiting professor at the Massey University, New Zealand (2004/05), the Ecole des Mines de Nantes, France (2010) and National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST), Taiwan (2010). She is an author and co-author of 20+ scientific publications, books and technical reports, international scientific reviewer for leading scientific journals, and has been serving as the scientific committee member for the International Water Association (IWA), Dutch Technology Foundation STW Bio-Based Geo & Civil Engineering (BioGeoCivil) and the Estonian Science Foundation Biosciences and Environment Programs.

With over 40 projects implemented and executed across 4 continents, Professor Drizo has extensive experience in local and federal government relations, public affairs and business, innovative technologies market deployment, development and execution of strategy, nationally and internationally.

Hugo Picard, Strategic Business Advisor

Hugo Picard is co-founder of PhosphoReduc and has served as Strategic Business Advisor since its inception in 2007.

Mr. Picard has extensive experience in the business development and operation management of small companies. Over the past 15 years he founded three companies, two specializing in environmental remediation  and consulting services specializing in geographic based site-specific soil and hydrological analyses, environmental assessments, and soil remediation assessments. The most recent, DocuTech Environment Inc., has been the leading provider of current and historical environmental risk assessment in Quebec, Canada since 1997. Mr. Picard has developed a unique research methodology for soil remediation assessment, which has resulted in over 12,000 site assessments for major engineering  companies in Quebec. Prior to this, he worked as Environmental Research Technician, Lecturer, Founder and President of an Environmental Management Company as well as a Technical and Research Assistant for STCUM, Ministry of Transport.

Mr. Picard ensures efficient planning and scheduling of our products and effectiveness of business operations and services. Mr. Picard holds B.S. in Geography from the University of Montréal, Quebec, Canada and D.E.C. in Science and Administration from C.E.G.E.P. Montmorency, Montréal, Quebec, Canada.