Cheese Processing Effluent – Vermont

Cheese Processing Plant Effluent Treatment Vermont, USA

  • This project represented the first evaluation of a PhosphoReduc System in phosphorus and total suspended solids reduction from cheese processing plant wastewater in the USA.
  • The system was implemented as an add-on, secondary treatment stage to existing wastewater lagoon system located in Swanton, Vermont, USA.

  • Influent Average Inflow Total Phosphorus (TP) concentration ~ 25 mg/L, Dissolved Phosphorus (DP) concentration 20 mg/L and average Total Suspended Solids (TSS) concentration ~ 120 mg/L.
  • PhosphoReduc Filter was constructed in December 2011, with the principal objective to investigate system’s performance as an innovative practice for Phosphorus and Solids Reduction from Cheese processing effluents in Vermont, USA.

  • According to the agreement with the client, 3 different modes of operation were tested during 280 days of monitoring period.
  • The average treatment efficiency was 80% (TSS), 91% (TP) and 96% (PO4-P). Total Phosphorus discharge concentration averaged 1 mg/L while dissolved Phosphorus was 0.23 mg/L.